Importing .3ds file crashes every time

Importing a .3ds file into Sketchup 2021. Every time I import it, SU crashes. SU displays the import complete dialogue showing stats about the model and textures. When I click ok, that’s the point when SU crashes.

The .3ds file has been created in Cinema 4D. The file is quite big, around 1GB and the .3ds file is about 550MB.

Any suggestions to get the model imported? The import dialogue doesn’t offer much of a hint as to what’s causing the file to crash on import.

Check the import unit - if the file is very dense the import might create many too short edges - this might be a reason for the crash, in addition to the insanely big file size. Another thing to try would be to run the 3DS file through a polygon reducing application, or to try exporting to some other compatible format from Cinema 4D.

Thank you.
Can you recommend any polygon reduction applications?

The import dialogue gets stuck on 99% for a long time.

The percentage count in the dialog is misleading. It reaches the 99% when the import file has been read, but the actual conversion process starts only then. Your file is so big that the import might take many hours, try leaving it overnight.

If you get crashes, send in the bugsplats so the SketchUp team has an opportunity to check them.

Roughly, what sort of mesh density can SU reasonably handle? 5 million faces?

It’s a bit file, it might take a long time to complete.

The biggest file I have opened was something like 13 million faces. It was slooow. You start to feel it when zooming or orbiting from a million or two faces upwards.
Does the 550 MB 3DS file work well in other applications? Isn’t it stumbling into the inherent limitations of the antiquated file format?

The file in FBX/3DS formats works fine in Blender. Fairly easy to navigate without any noticeable slowdown. Blender says there’s about 5.1M faces and 8.2M tris. So it’s definitely big. But I think it’s SU’s ability to handle such dense geometry that’s the issue.

It’s a retail store interior model that was originally created in Cinema 4D. The original C4D also works without any issues. I can only presume, the C4D file uses various instances / proxies / modifiers to reduce the actual amount of ‘real’ geo in the model.