Problem with second monitor and screen resolutions


I use a good laptop as my main work computer. It’s on a port so I can plug and play…monitors, power, ethernet and mouse stays connected to port. Port is using VGA to connect monitor.
I have two additional monitors and everything works well.
I have another port, same brand and everything (Dell) and a second monitor (also Dell) at home.
And both the laptop and the home monitor are new 2018.

At home, the monitor and the laptop displays are messed up.
Sketchup main screen appears with most of the icons very very tiny.
Additionally, the tool trays cannot be pulled to the other monitor effectively.

When I try to move a tool tray to the second monitor, it comes over the edge onto the monitor, and graphically get’s really huge…and then it’s stuck halfway on the edge of the monitor image. If I try to move it further in to the monitor image area, it disappears, and then I have to go " preferences/reset workspace."
Monitors are all at recommended resolutions.

At first, I had the monitor hooked to my second monitor at home via Dell’s stupid proprietary HDMI cable.
We thought that the problem was related to HDMI. But with an identical setup now at work and home, the problem remains.

My IT guy, who is quite good, cannot figure this out.
Any thoughts?
thanks in advance.


What Have you tried so far? Are the drivers up to date? Latest BIOS version on the lap top? What happens if you swap the two ports? Just some random thoughts.


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