Problem with saving, I would really appreciate some help

Did you figure out how big the file is?

yes, it is 42.04 MB

Probably maxxing out your Chromebook’s capabilities.

Upload the file directly to DropBox and share the link. I’ll take a look at the file and see if I can reduce it enough so your computer can manage.

how do i upload it to DropBox? Sorry for not knowing these things, i am relatively new to the world of sketchup

Go to and start a free account. Follow their directions for uploading the file.

You may be able to upload it directly to Google Drive and share the link to the file there. Since you were already having problems with Google Drive, I suggest Drop Box.

OK, thank you so much, doing that now.

update: DropBox is blocked on this chromebook, as it is a school chromebook, after clicking on the website, it notified me that the website was blocked by adminisitrators

Try your Google Drive directly, then.

Do you have access to another computer?

I will try from google drive, I am hopeful that that will work. Yes, I do have access to another computer, but only at certain times.

Maybe you can open SketchUp for Schools on that computer and then open your file.

Yes, that is a good solution, in emergencies in the past, i have had to revert to that computer

I managed to save the file on my computer but not after everything crashed again

i will use the other computer to try to fix this problem if possible. I sincerely appreciate your help and time! Thank you so much!

Good luck.

Thank you