Problem with rounding edges

I am doing a model of a paint spray gun and have run into a problem with the handle. I would like to put a ¼" radius on the handle and have have not been able to figure out how so far. I would like the top of the handle to remain as is since it interfaces with the body. I have tried Fredo Corner, no luck. I tried making the radius and then using Follow Me and also had no luck. I know the small protrusion will not accept a ¼" round over, but I sure would like some help with the rest of the handle. Thanks

Handle WIP.skp (132.7 KB)

There’s a plugin called bevel from mindsight studios, but it won’t let you create small bevels as well, you’ll need to scale up your model by 10 or 100, make the bevel and scale it down by 0.1 or ,
0.01. The same with round corner and fredo corner.

Something like this? Or what do you want to do with the protrusion? How will you using the model once it is complete?

Thanks for the advice, I will check that out. I think I tried the scale up method, but I fooled around with it so much I’m not sure. I will definitely try again.

Dave - as always thanks for your prompt reply. This is very close to what I was looking for. I figured if I could get the main part of the handle right I could fiddle with the protrusion later and get it gently rounded. Did you use the scale up/round corner/scale down method?

I scaled up and worked as if inches were meters. I did use Round Corner although it required some manual cleaning at the sharper corners. I didn’t bother to scale down, though, and wouldn’t unless it was going to be used in a larger model where it needed to have real world dimensions. If it was going to be used that way I expect it could be much simpler. If it was going to be 3D printed I would actually scale it up by another 25.4 times.

Thanks again, I think I can get it sorted based on your message.

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And remember, if you are working with components - you can copy a component off to the side, scale up the copy 10, 100, 1000 times and do your work on the scaled up copy. The original component, at its original size and location, will update as you work.

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Its’ called as: The Dave Method:wink: :innocent:

Indeed. I was using it before I knew it was called the Dave method though.

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I believe you… my post is just to show the link to animation. :peace_symbol: :innocent:

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