Problem with rendering wood on Vray for Skp 2015!


I don’t know what the problem is, but everytime I try to render this simple wood floor it always comes out as a zig zag, not in straight grains. Help!


Examine the “floor” with hidden geometry turned on: probably find that the surface has been split into triangles (and/or that it’s not perfectly flat)


Your problem may be:

  • UV mapping
  • Texture on group instead on face
  • Texture on component instead on face
  • Face reversed.

See the video i made in Texture mapping with V-ray is wrong


Does mapping the texture to the group/component make a difference in Vray? (Just curious - I use that method all the time and it doesn’t make any difference in Artlantis)


Yes @gadget2020 but only if the material was created in old version and the texture isn’t on face. Sometimes the geometry disappears too.



Your problem is Diffuse.

Probable you created a material from material’s sketchup.

You have create a vray material standar.
In your case you have delete diffuse and create a new diffuse for use this texture.

Here this link for demonstration

I hope it helped you.