Texture problem


Hi, i have a problem with the texture of a skin wall. Here i paste an iamge. the texture its a perfored metal.
Any help?


More information needed as to exactly what your problem is.


Ok , here it is the setting of the materil in the paint bucket and the vray .
the texture in the viewport looks good, but when i render Changes shapes


Not sure why these posts were flagged. I don’t get it.


Vray for SketchUp forum would be a better place to get answers, but here is what I can think of.

Typically, when texture is applied in SketchUp, the same texture map (image) is linked to the Vray material.

One way to make sure they are in sync is to preview the material.

So, find “acero perforado” in your vray material editor and click “preview” and see if it shows the brick with holes or not.


Sorry, this is perforated metal screen. not brick.
Are you trying to show them as perforated or as solid? if you want it to be perforated, using png with transparent part at the holes would give you the intended result.