Problem with Orbit Tool in SU 8 Pro

I’m using ver. 8 Pro. I just started learning it a couple of days ago. I’ve been through all the SPTs that I can find. I’ve been in poking around in many models that I downloaded off the internet. I felt confident enough to start a model of my own. I was working on a bench top for a woodworking shop that I’m building. I completed an array of four rows of five holes that will be used for bench dogs. I noticed that my cursor was an arrow with a small ±. All I can do is pan. I clicked on the orbit buttons on both tool bars and I get a hand with ±.

I selected various tools with no change. I closed/opened the file with no change, I even opened other models without any resolution.

I’ve been hunting for a solution since before lunch with no luck.

Would someone be kind enough to point me to a solution?

Window > Preferences > OpenGL
… and try unchecking Fast feedback and/or Hardware acceleration.

Update to your video cards latest display drivers.

The +/- is usually an add/remove toggle controlled by tapping the CTRL keyboard key. It is used with tools that use a selection set, like the SelectionTool.

It is always good when having mouse issues, to try another mouse that you know is good.

Don, if you just installed SketchUp 8, and did not buy a license, then it is running in Pro Trial mode.

There is no reason to be running this old obsolete version of SketchUp on your late model hardware and OSes.

You should go here

and get the latest SketchUp Make 2015 (which will also run in Pro trial mode for 30 days, then revert to Make.)

SketchUp 2015 has 64bit editions, and runs Ruby 2.0. (SU8 runs old obsolte Ruby 1.8, and only comes in 32bit editions for Windows, which limits model size.)

Thank you for your rapid response. About five minutes ago I fired up SU and everything worked fine. Hmmm…

The advice to update to a non-obsolete SketchUp version still stands.
There will be no more updates or releases for SketchUp 8, so reporting it’s issues is usually a waste of time.

I am retired and live on a very fixed income. I can’t afford the $700.00 price tag I see listed on their web site.

It says that it’s licensed.

You can download and install the latest version of SketchUp Make by clicking here. It costs nothing and offers most of the features found in SketchUp Pro. There is a distinct advantage in using this over SU 8, because SU 8 (an outdated previously released version) is not supported by Trimble.

You should be aware that you can keep the old version and install a newer version of SU on the same system with no ill effects.

If you have not already seen these, you will also benefit from watching (studying) the following video tutorials to help you really get into the program:

Video Tutorials: Getting Started Part 1
Video Tutorials: Getting Started Part 2
Video Tutorials: Getting Started Part 3
Video Tutorials: Getting Started Part 4

I recommend downloading tutorials and saving them for use whenever needed. There are plenty of other very fine tutorials as well. Just perform a Google search (or use any preferred search engine) for “SketchUp Video Tutorial” without the quotes.

True, SketchUp Make is licensed for Non-Commercial Private Use. Just ignore the Pro features whilst it runs in Pro trial mode. At the end of the 30 day trial, just decline the offer to buy Pro, and it will revert to Make from then on.

And BTW, thank you for your service to the country.

I took your advice and installed SketchUp Make. So far, so good.

As far as my service goes, it was my honor and thank you.