Sketchup Orbit Freezing up on Mac OS


I’m working on a M1 MacBook Air and working with the newest version of sketchup PRO for desktop. Im trying to do some Architectural work. I am consistently running into issues with the program where when I attempt to orbit with my mouse wheel the cursor gets locked into orbit mode and there is not a way for me to select another tool. Eventually the entire program freezes and I have to restart. I’m using an offbrand mouse of course because Apple Magic Mouse is terrible. I think this may be an issue with the program not properly recognizing what button is being pressed or something.

I’m running a background program called USB overdrive that helps me assign mouse buttons for Windows mice. Does anyone have any advice or had similar issues?

Please help I’m a beginner and enjoying learning how to use the program but this glitch has made Sketchup unusable for me.