Problem with infill


I am creating a 2-piece model to put in a little solar panel but of the 1 piece there are too many gaps who i cant seem to fill in.
Its very important to put the model in the slicer because this way i cant 3D-print it.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks
Deel 5 beugel.skp (216.0 KB)

Hi bramj9,

You may want to look at some “hidden” part of the model. You have holes and I imagine it’s not good for 3D printing. See the image here:

The same on the opposite side…

Not an expert in 3D printing but I get you resulting model should be a “solid” in SU.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the fast reply!
That seems to be the problem i cant seem to find any hidden lines to fill the gaps…
When extruding the wall the whole thing comes with it.

You have to group your geometry. Many tutorials are explaining that and that will change your life ! When grouped, the geometry won’t be impacted when you move edges or faces around…

Same problem again, seems i keep doing something wrong…

beugel led v3.skp (248.2 KB)

From the face orientation and the internal faces, it is clear you are approaching the modeling incorrectly.

While it is possible to repair the model, I think you would find it a whole lot easier to just model it correctly from the beginning.

There’s evidence that indicates you are trying to lay out all of the details in 2D before going 3D. Instead, you should get at least the bottom of the model 3D before adding other details. I’ll make up something that shows what I’m talking about.

By the way, are those posts supposed to be located assymetrically like you have them?

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Did you look at the model Box fixed up for you?

This is the start. I had to guess at some of the dimensions because you are modeling with precision set much too coarse for the application and you are working with Length Snapping enabled. But you can see that while it is 2D I’ve only added details that show on the bottom.

The last couple of steps to finish it up and it’s automatically solid and printable.


Thank you guys, this helped me a lot!