3D Model prints with hollow walls. Tried infill 100%. Recreated. No luck

Hi. Very simple model. All in solid groups. See final 3D print. The gray is what I am getting. The red is something I downloaded to test the printer.

The red has full solid walls.

SimLab_2023-04-18-18-31-25.stl (12.2 KB)

Thank you!

What were the settings in the slicer? What version of SketchUp? Your profile says 2023 Free/Make but that’s impossible.

Do you get different results with this file?
bracket.skp (43.5 KB)

There’s problems with the model you uploaded.

This is what my model looks like. I have 2017 Sketchup make but I am using the free trial of 2023 right now for troubleshooting. I do not do a lot of 3D printing.

Looks to me like your issue is in your slicer settings. I have a 0.4mm nozzle with a layer height of about 0.2mm. I print my perimeters with a line count of 5. As you can see, it’s pretty much all perimeters and no room for infill.

I don’t think there’s much more that can be done to the original model (I’ve got Dave’s revised bracket on the right). You could try a smaller diameter nozzle and see if that gets you better results. You could also bump up your feed rate settings to slightly over-extrude and help fill in the gaps between the perimeters. Some slicers also have an overlap setting to help lay down your lines a little closer together than they are.

Thanks Dave! I appreciate the response. Same result.

Oh, I see. Thanks! I didn’t realize that it needed room for infill. So another option would be to make the model walls a bit larger, say 1.5mm vs 1mm?

OK but that makes your profile confusing.

Looks like @wataru.kannuzuki has you sorted. it’s your slicer settings, nothing to do with Sketchup.

FWI, this is what I get from the version I shared. This is with 1.75mm filament.

I have a Botmaker Replicator+ and unfortunately, their cloud is offline and the local has limited setting. Assuming I could change it in their Cloud printing software. I increased the panel size by .5mm and this seemed to fix the issue. Thanks!