Please help repair this model!

top.skp (1.6 MB)
Any idea what is going on?

It looks good as an .STL file but any slicer program sees large gaps and incomplete surfaces. Even the flat faced normal surfaces don’t come out well. I used Curviloft for the curved surfaces.

I really need some help here and any help is greatly appreciated!

I don’t know what you did, but there is a lot of hidden junk in this model, which becomes visible if you do View->Hidden Geometry. Try cleaning it up and see if that helps.

Edit: also try applying Solid Inspector 2. There are a lot of flaws preventing this from being a solid. They are going to mess up any export that tries to handle this as a solid!

And another edit: if you explode all those nested groups then SI2 becomes able to fix the issues and the result is a valid solid.

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I think that may have fixed it! I tried solid inspector a few times but never thought to explode everything before hand, I figured that making it a group would help the issue.

Thank you very much!

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