Problem with dynamic Wall Framing component


When using the “Wall Framing” component from the “Components Sampler” section of the dialog displayed by selecting “Windows->Components”, I am unable to establish a wall with a length that is not in exact inch multiples of an inch. In other words, if attempt to create a wall section via the “Component Options” dialog that is 66.5" in length, the dialog accepts that length and reports it as such, but the actual length in the model is truncated to 66".

I tried editing that component instance to increase the board lengths by 1/2"… Bad idea. It appeared to solve the problem for that particular wall section, but the lengths of every other wall in the model were also altered by 1/2". Bug? Solutions? I’m on Sketchup Make 15.3.331 64-bit, so I don’t have the ability to create my own dynamic components.


here’s a similar dc_wall i made some time ago… maybe it will do the trick for you… not sure why the one in the sampler would have a floor function on the length/height?

DC_wallframe.skp (39.7 KB)


Thanks for the reply Jeff. Unfortunately, I am still a bit of a SketchUp dummy and I can’t get it to work. If I download the file and open it directly in SketchUp, it behaves fine (as a dynamic component). However, I saved the file into a local folder which I opened as a “local collection” via the Window->Collections dialog (the “Details” arrow to the right of the dialog search bar) and this made your DC_wallframe component available for dragging and dropping into my model, but from there it does not show up as a dynamic component, and its attributes are not modifiable from the “Component Options” dialog. What am I doing wrong?


You are probably importing the file Jeff posted and not the component within it. Try exploding it (only once).