Problem with disappearing Plugins after SKP restart

Hi SKP Community,

I have some issues with a lot of plugins under
SKP 2019, macOS 10.14.3 (but the problem
was also with with previous SKP and OS versions).

If i restart SKP, some plugins disappear on my desk
and i have to reopen them. this is a very annoying bug.

The following plugins has this kind of illness:

  • 3D Grit (Didier Bur)
  • Arcs Circles+ (Didier Bur)
  • Dimension Tools (Didier Bur)
  • 3D Rotate (Eneroth)
  • Move Rotate Tool (Idibri)
  • Layers Organizer (Lasu Apps)
  • Projection (Didier Bur)

Is there a solution for this?

Greetings and thnx for help

Did you install current version of these extensions or copy them from an older installation? The latter is not recommended.

Hi DaveR,

i tried both ways, but with no success.

I have had these problems for some time
(SKP 2018, 2017 and older).

I don’t know about the others, but @eneroth3 hasn’t added the code to ‘show’ or ‘restore’ the toolbar…

I suspect the others are the same and would each need to be edited by the original author or by yourself…

some will allow that, while I suspect Layer Organiser is encrypted…


I’m not at home at the moment but I remember there being some confusion about toolbars when I started making extensions. I was encouraged by SU staff to use a timer and then show the toolbar as a workaround for some bug. Can’t remember what I did in this extension. Also the behavior seems to be different on different platforms.

Hi Christina,

thnx for your reply.

I send your tipp with the timer, to the developers.
Hope the disappearing can be fixed.

Please look at you plugin “3D Rotate”.
This plugin is affected by the disappearing bug.
(under SKP 2019, macOS 10.14.3)

… maybe, you find time, for an investigation?

Greetings and a happy weekend.