Problem with cutlist when drawing a sloped roof

When drawing a sloped roof cut list (see knipsel 1) cut list will take the measurements of the blue lines (see knipsel2). And I have te same problem with the part in knipsel 3. What I’m doing wrong? For the sloped roof a used square and for the other part the line tool.

Align the component axes with the main plane of the object

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The cutlist extensions report the dimensions of the component’s bounding box so it’s reporting what you’ve modeled. In your case you need to change the component’s axes to align with the geometry inside the component.

Different cutlist extension but same result.

Use Change Axes to correct the axis orientation.

You could also correctly orient the axes when you create the component in the first place by using "Set Component Axes in the Create Component panel.

Oh man!!! Thank you very much. I finally succeed to change the sloped roof… Even with your detailed info I was struggling.The axes really confuse me.
Therefore I’m still struggling with the other component. I managed to get it a showed in the picture but open cut list is seeing this as a regular square, without the angles.

Again, the cutlist extensions can only report the dimensions of the component’s bounding box. That’s the blue lines you see when you select the component. The bounding boxes cannot report the miters. You need to dimension those details separately. Add the dimension details in LayOut.

Ok, sorry, It’s clear now. Thank you very much.

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