Another Bounding Box Question

I couldn’t find this via search and don’t really know what to search for anyway. I’m using OpenCutList to generate cut lists and I noticed it was calling for some huge cuts. That’s because the bounding box for the component is a rectangle, where as the piece itself is a parallelogram or an odd shape. I found out it happens when I create the component after I rotate it. Is there a way to fix this without redoing all of my angled components? Thanks!!

Change the orientation of the component’s axes. Right click on the component and choose Change Axes. Then click to set the origin, the red direction and then the green. You may need to se t up some guidelines to assist in alignment of the axes.

You can save yourself some trouble if you set the component’s axes correctly when you make it by clicking on the Set Component Axes button in the Create Component panel.

Before clicking on it

After setting the axes.

Finished component.


Change the axes of the components

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Thanks guys! Much appreciated.