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Hello! I am new to sketchup, I think im doing ok for the most part except when I try and use cutmap extension. I have designed a cat house but a few things keep happening when I make the cultist. I have been trying to figure it out myself the past two days and finally throwing in the towel :frowning: So here i am asking for help lol. When I press custlist it brings up 4 sheets of material every time, when the first one is not even utilized fully. Second, Im not sure why one certain piece keeps showing up grouped and stuck together as a 3d box instead of flat like the rest of the pieces. Any help of why its doing that, and what I did wrong would be soooo helpful to me. Thank you for your timecattreesmain.skp|attachment (1.7 MB)


I ran the CutList extension to see what it would do. It sorts the parts out onto three sheets because you have three different thicknesses of materials in the model.

You need to fix the thickness of Box Side #4 and adjust the axes of box side with circle so that the axes are aligned with the geometry.

I expect you should probably edit some of the other parts to get rid of the tildes in the dimensions.

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I redrew the sheet material parts for your cat tree and ran Cut List. Everything fits on a single sheet quite easily. Since the extension reports bounding box sizes, it doesn’t nest component like you could in real life. I’m thinking about the using the part you’d cut from the middle level platform.

Thank you Dave! I appreciate you! I seen the errors you pointed out and going to give it a go fixing them. What causes the tildes? If I edit the component and use the tape measure to type in the exact measurement again will it fix the tildes? For example one measurement says ~23 5/8, if I type that in again using the tape measure to resize it would do anything? Thank you!

Thank you!

Typically the tildes are the result of no typing in precise dimensions and instead just trying to drag out the shapes using the mouse. You only get close but not exact. The Tape Measure tool won’t fix the tildes. You could edit the components and use Push/Pull and/or the Move tool to make adjustments but there are enough problems, I think it would be easier to redraw from scratch.

Gotcha, I did use the mouse to draw quite a bit. I was doing alot of trial and error playing around with the tools and such heh. Thank you again, I will try again :slight_smile: So if I start the rectangle with the mouse and then type in the measurement to finish instead of dragging would that be the correct way? Thanks!! :blush:

Yes. That would be better.

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