Problem with component face surface and attributes

Hello everyone,

I am running into a weird face surface imagery and a lack or editable attributes when attempting to edit the bench leg posts and bench top components.

it looks like the bench top and bench post legs are contained in some uneditable or locked group or component structure.

I have attached a 2D export of a scene print showing the effected components and the edit drop options. I have not ever seen this. nor am I able to determine what I did or how to reverse the condition.

I have also attached the full model.

Any insights would be most welcomed.

Thank you,


Shop Floor Plan.skp (616.3 KB)

Hi Rick. I’m not seeing that stuff in your file. Did you upload the right one?

Shop Floor Plan.skp (616.3 KB)

I thought I had uploaded both the 2D and #D model.

But here is the actual 3D model

Thank you

The second one looks the same as the first but it doesn’t have the workbench base of that thing outto the right of the building.

That is weird?

i will go back and resave the file and try another upload

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Shop Floor Plan_Copy.skp (638.5 KB)

how is this one?

what is odd is that the registry in my document file denotes this file as SketchUp 2022 file. I am using SketchUp 2021

Did you ever install 2022? The file type is the same between them and I think they will generally show as the latest version you had installed.

This file shows those parts.

I may have mistakenly uploaded 2022. Sketch likes to show you the subscription version when you open the program.

At the end of the day I dont use nor do I have a subscription to the newer versions covered under the subscription model.

Apparently, yes I did upload the 2022 program.

See attached screen shot

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Probably still some residue in the Registry. I wouldn’t worry about it.

I’m not quite understanding what the issue is with the bench but you have a component that contains four leg components and the loose geometry for the top.

That’s a weird way to build it. The top ought to be a component in its own right and I would expect the other parts of the bench (stretchers, rails, drawers) to be included in the component as well.

For anyone else who comes along with a similar issue, this was the old bug in which Context menu items would be grayed out after a period of time. Installing the latest version of SketchUp 2021 ought to take care of it.