Problem when importing file from AutoCAD


I have a problem when importing a file from AutoCAD, it doesn’t matter how ‘clean’ the file is, the visualization is the one shown in the photo.

System info:
-GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030
-Windows 10 64-bit
-Sketch up 2022 Pro

I have tried it on other computers, different SketchUp versions, GPUs, etc and the problem appears to be the same. My file doesn’t have any 3D information.

I think it might be something related to Openl GL but I’m not sure.

Any help is welcome.

Thanks. :blush:

To me it looks like a possible issue with the import units. Can you share the file you are importing so we can see what we get?

Please correct your forum profile. It says you are using Sketchup Free which apparently is not right.

Thanks, DaveR.

My forum profile is now corrected. Thanks.

The import units are ok. That’s not the problem. I publish the file, but many of my friends have imported it without any problem. I don’t know why the same file that I’m posting here, appears like this on my computer:

So, maybe is my computer, I don’t know.

SKP FORUM.dwg (274.2 KB)

The problem is that your import winds up extremely far from the origin. About 451 statute miles when import units are set to feet. Untick the box for Preserve Origin in the import options and then try it.

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Thanks! That was it!

I wish this information can help others just as it helped me! :blush:

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This is what I get…

Yes. You do, because you have Preserve Drawing Origin unticked.

Probably so. Amazing that it makes that much of a difference in SU.

I found it amazing that the geometry in the CAD file is more than 725 Km from the origin.

Well depending on where the site plan set it’s “datum/geo reference” point I don’t find that strange at all. Not at all uncommon in civil/survey drawings or not in the ones that I have dealt with.

AutoCad has no issue with large coordinates but many dedicated 3D modelling and BIM applications do. I haven’t tried AutoCad with advanced 3D shaded views, though. Revit and Archicad recommend the model to stay within 30 kilometers from the model origin. I would guess that even that is a bit too much for SketchUp.