CAD Issues Re: import

I have been provided with a .DWG that I imported into Sketchup and this is what it looks like, PLEASE help me

The lines are also not smooth at all.

It might be that changing the style or editing it to reduce the thickness of the Profiles is all you need to do. If you share the SKP file, we can give you more definitive advice.

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SketchUp Help SOS.skp (2.6 MB)

Move your model to the coordinates origin.
SketchUp Help SOS.skp (2.4 MB)

Sorry. Suforyou got to it first and is right. the geometry is too far from the origin.

I’d also suggest the .dwg needs work before you import it. All the layers and blocks and other ‘cad’ objects don’t import well into sketchup. For example all the raw geometry is spread over many layers when it should all be on layer 0. It even looks like there are some z axis issues.

To judge by the screenshot, the file is a typical digital DWG map with contours at the real elevations and things like boundaries flat at zero elevation. The lines in between have been drawn by someone in plan view in AutoCad, using snaps without realizing the height differences.