Sketchup imports contours as one line

Hello, I’ve been having problems with importing dwg file into the Sketchup. I’m trying to make terrain model, so I imported contour lines from Autocad but as a result I got few very close lines. I tried importing with older versions of CAD, placing it close to Origin and leaving only 2 layers. The file has 206 KB so I don’t think it’s too big.
Does someone know what may be the problem?

Thanks in advance!

Can you share the CAD file you are working from?

Yes! relief.dwg (205.9 KB)

When imported, it did have 4475 edges, but they were extremely stretched out in the z direction. I flattened them with Eneroth’s Flatten to Plane. If the contours were meant to have height information, then obviously that’s been lost here. I don’t know what scale it’s meant to be, but you can resize it yourself.

Contours.skp (271.3 KB)

The import does work if you use km as the unit, with a warning that some geometry is too far from the origin. Even when you think the import is ‘bad’ , switch to parallel projection, Camera->Standard Views->Top, Zoom Extents and you’ll see the contour map.

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Thank you very much, you helped a lot!

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As you said, I lost the height information so I tried it with old file. I managed to import it yaayy me (thanks to you:D) but another problem appeared. Only few contours have their height. Does this mean there is a problem with my dwg file? I don’t know where it could’ve gone wrong.

Here is a photo

And a file if it helps buildings and relief2010.dwg (364.6 KB)

The first DWG file you shared, relief.dwg (205.9 KB), is quite a mess.
Here are screenshots of the file as viewed in Autodesk DWG TrueView 2020

Top View

Oblique View

Yes, I see. I was trying to adapt it to my area but it’s obviously more complex than I thought it would be.
This file is not that big mess, but still I get the same result in Sketchup. relief01.dwg (395.5 KB) Real terrain height is appearing only on few places, as you can se from here:

The SKP @McGordon shared has all the contours flat on the ground plane.

Therein, erase the rectangular border as it has nothing to do with the actual terrain.
Then, select and move each contour to the appropriate height.

Thank you, kind sir. I will do that!

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