AutoCAD dwg incomplete import

Hi. I am importing linework from several autoCAD dwg’s into one sketchup file. Two of them imported ok. However, I have a contour file I need the linework from. But when I import it, it only partially comes through, some of the linework is missing. What can I do to remedy this? Thanks.

Hello @sarcoguy

The missing linework is in a form SketchUp doesn’t support.
SU ignores it and tells you what it tossed out in the Import Report.

Explode the unsupported elements in AutoCAD and try the import again.

See this Help article for details:
Importing and Exporting CAD Files — SketchUp Help

Ryan: The models you posted in your other thread does not show this issue. The total model size in those are 100MB+ each contour line has about 2000 + edges. I have been able to reduce your model size down to abt 17MB. The model was giving me lots of problems which I think is caused be the lack of proper prep before importing to SU. In the long run think you may be better served if you prepped the CAD file per help direction. I have drastically reduced the contours by deleting the very close spacing, simplifying the contour lines down to abt 500+ edges , I’ll post the total model in the other thread and since you have the contour as a component you can extract there and see if it helps