Problem when exporting to FBX or OBJ, help please!

Hi, I’ve been doing some modelling, and I’ve noticed that whenever I export to FBX or OBJ I keep having the same problem, which is that it exports with some random triangles that aren’t on the original model, as shown in the image. I tried exporting a “dae” file to blender, and then export it from there into a FBX or OBJ file, but the same error keeps happening.

  • I added the skp file
  • The program I visualized it in is the default windows 3d viewer
  • I want the FBX or OBJ file to use it to render on keyshot or blender
    Isla Cocina.skp (500.4 KB)

Can you share the .skp file so we can see what you are working with?

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Share the file. Otherwise we are just guessing. It might be reversed or overlapping faces or your export settings or…
What application is the destination? What application is the screenshot from?

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I edited the post and added the file and the details.

Does this one export any differently for you?
Isla Cocina cleaned.skp (419.9 KB)

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It exports with the same issue

Unzip this FBX file and test it.
Isla (89.9 KB)

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It fixed that issue, thank you. May I ask what do I need to change or to do so I can export correctly? I checked also with some other models that I didn’t make and I had the same issues. I also need to export more models so I’d like to know so I don’t have the same issue again.

The 3D Viewer seems not to cope well with tiny geometry. When you export with model units you are set to meters, and FBX likes centimeters. Exporting as centimeters makes it work better.

Even the meters version views ok in other 3D programs.

You should make a recess for the cooker unit. the worktop surface and the cooker surface are z-fighting.

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