Problem "this does not appear to be a Sketchup pmodel"

Hi, please someone can help me? I’ve been working on this project for days and I got this notification. I had saved the file on my old hard drive, and all of a sudden I can’t open the file anymore. Please help me to recover at least something. I tried to fix this every way I found on the internet and nothing.

Share the file with us.

here is the file in case someone would be willing to look
at it

Hopefully @colin will have a chance to look at your file soon.


Once is good enough.

Sorry , I was trying to upload the original file, the first one is one copy I made

SketchUp files have a header section, and your file is missing that. I’ve asked a developer to take a look.

THANK YOU! :heart_hands:

We’ve looked at the file more, and it’s not a bad SketchUp file, it’s a bad LayOut file. Look for the same named file in the same folder, only with .skb as the extension. Renaming that to be .skp may give you something you can use.

How does a LayOut file get the .skp extension?

By renaming the file. The full name of the file is INTE200-KITCHEN PAYKER.SKP.skp, so even if it was a SketchUp file, it has had some renaming.

Hmmmm… So someone playing where they shouldn’t have I guess.

I can’t open either the skp or skb files, I made copies of both and renamed them and didn’t work

now it just say unable to open the file or something like that