Can't open skp and skb files! pls help me

hi guys. iv got the - this does not appear to be a sketchup model! problem and i dont know what to do… this file is very important for me i cant lose it :frowning: pls help me. i tryed to open the skb (as skp) too and it didnt work

Processing: סקיצות.skb…
סקיצות.skp (927.6 KB)

Might be that @colin can take a look at it and work his magic. He sometimes has success in retrieving at least the components and materials in the model.

What Dave had in mind is the times when a file not found or other similar message occurs. Your file is different, it really isn’t a SketchUp file. I’m not sure what kind of file it is.

For the SKB version of the file, you would want to rename the extension to be .skp, then try opening it.

Do you have any system security option, where you have it set to encrypt files? That could explain why the file is not normal.

ummm, i dont know what to say cause this is the file i was useing

iv tryed to use the skb but it didnt work as well

Could you reply with the SKB attached? I’m curious whether it is equally scrambled, or if it looks more like a SketchUp file.

i cant send an skb file here

סקיצות.skp (927.6 KB)
this is the file after iv changed it to skp

i even got an copy of them in TMP file (idk what this kind of file is)

It is also not a SketchUp file. I have no idea why the file is getting its content from somewhere else, but I think it is a system issue and not a SketchUp one.

well ty for your comments. i guess the file has gone now :sleepy:

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