Does not appear to be a sketchup file

please can anyone help me open this file. Keeps telling me that it does not appear to be a sketchup file. thanks

liebhold deck1.skp (473.0 KB)

When I try to open it, the file title does not even display - strange.

What is the history of the file?

Doesn’t open here either.

JFYI …I’m total newbie by today’s standards. I familiarized myself back in 2008 and used sketchup to design a few things. This particular file was created on on a 2015 desktop (make ?) version. Not sure what other history I can give. I created it near the end of January this year (2019)

I did a hex dump of the start of that file, and it is missing the standard markers that begin every SketchUp file. I don’t know how it came to be named with .skp extension, but it is definitely not a SketchUp file.

Do you have an SKB file with the same name? Have you tried changing its extension to skp and opening that?

Please correct your profile with the correct SketchUp version and license type as well as your graphics card. That information helps us help you.

Yes, i did have an SKB file and renamed the ext to an SKP file…no luck.