File won't open

Hi all
I Have recently got Sketchup Pro and have created a file fof a house renovation. It took me over 6hours to do but when I go to open it it is giving me the following message “This does not seem to be a Sketchup file!” Can anyone help!! It was drawn in SketchUp and has a SketchUp thumbnail. Does anyone know a way thim may be retrived.
Kind Regards
Ronan Keegan

As you work on a SketchUp model and do saves, a backup is kept as a duplicate of the previous save. The duplicate file has its extension changed to .skb instead of .skp, so that you don’t accidentally open it. If the current .skp file gets corrupted, or perhaps you hate all of the recent changes you made, and want to go back to the earlier saved version, you would rename the .skb to be .skp instead (probably will change the name too, so that you don’t have two files with the same name).

If you don’t have extensions showing in File Explorer, it can be difficult to know for sure which is the .skp, though the .skb will have a plain looking icon.

So, look in the same folder for a file that appears to have the same name as the file that won’t open, but has a more interesting icon.

Hi Colin
You are a lifesaver, thank you so much that worked well.