Problem moving groups and placing. Weird bandboxes?

Hi guys,

I have a problem that has only recently started happening. I am guessing it is some sort of move or selection issue.

I use a library of small models and add them to a bigger model by dragging and dropping from file explorer one monitor to the other. When I try to click to place it onto the model it will completely jump away from where I click and then I am unable to select the group at all and can only get random bandboxes when I left click. (See video) I cant move anything properly and the only way to fix it is if I click like 20 times and finally select it, cut it, and paste it in place. Then I am able to move it normally.

I have tried resetting templates, exploding and regrouping, repairing Sketchup, purging etc.

Would love to get to the bottom of this problem as it would make my life a lot better!

Appreciate the help immensely.

As a test try with Explorer open on the same monitor and drag and drop from there.

It doesn’t seem to jump all over the place - But it is still doing the bandboxes when i click to place it.

So you have a local collection from which you are dragging components into your project. Why aren’t you using the Components panel in SketchUp for that instead of File Explorer?

Oh my gosh. I feel silly. I didn’t even know you could do that! I’ve just added my library to that. Thank you so much! This will be so much easier.

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