Problem mapping textures in SketchUp Make 2016

Hi, I’m making a picture frame with a painting. I create a box (for the painting), then offset the outer face, then extruded that face to make a picture frame.

I’m having problems mapping textures onto the picture itself. I’ve attached the pictures, It’s the model on the left (2 boxes). When I import as texture, and map it only to the inside surface, it looks like it didn’t map.

I did a test box, and was able to map it w/o issues. Model in the center.

Then I created a box with an outset/offset face, and it would map the painting area (box with a plane). Model in the right.

When I go to XRAY mode, then the map shows up on the inside surface, but not in the area where it should be.

Can anyone explain what’s going on? I remember the method on the left model used to work in 2015 and 2014. Is this a bug? Or it’s because of some programs they rewrote? What’s the best method to make this? Thanks for your help.

Did you apply the texture yo a group/component instead of a face?

No… I had made all of them as separate objects, but grouped them AFTER mapping, so the screenshot you can see one is 2 boxes, one is a box & plane.

I did select the face to map to, but it wouldn’t show up; when I go to xray view, that’s when I saw that it did map, but for whatever reason, it didn’t show.

Besides, if it’s grouped, when I try to import as texture, it wouldn’t even map at all.
Unlike when you assign a material with the paint bucket tool, it’ll assign a material to the whole group.

It’s acting as if once it’s in a multi-polygon structure, it doesn’t know where the UVs are, and don’t know how to map it.

The file won’t attach, so I uploaded it here: