Problem Making Components

I have been using the SUPro trail version for 3 weeks(only 6 days left) and all of a sudden i could not make any new components. Every time I try it shows me that screen that allows me to name the components, set some attributes like glueing and axis. I push enter and then it goes away, that normal. But then, when I click on the component I just made, it does not highlight the whole component. I open the outliner window and it is not listed there.

Anyone have any thoughts about this?

Look at the check box near the bottom of the Create Component window that says Replace selected… Make sure it is checked.

OMG…That fixed it. Many thanks!!

Pulling my hair out for hours…Checkbox…ugg

Normally that check box is ticked by default. Perhaps you inadvertently unticked it at some point. SketchUp remembers the state of that check box so if you change it once, it sticks until you change it again.

Yes, that must have been the case. Honestly, I have been doing many test with component hiarchys. Basically I build them then I think of everything I can do to break them, including hitting all the buttons:)

I have a need for reusable abstract components/groups and abstract sub-components whos custom attributes are used to simplify the size and position of actual shapes of there real geometric children.
I have noticed that the only real relationship between the parent and child component is the child’s relative position. that’s it…Nothing else is shared, just positioning:( funny go to all that trouble to create a hierarchy that shares only 1 attribute:

I guess I don’t see what it is you are trying to do but you might find it useful to think of components as containers. A bottom level component is a container holding edges and faces. If you take several bottom level components and make a component, you have a nested component. The nested component is only a box containing components. It makes it easier to select a bunch of components. I use nested components for things like drawers so I can select an entire drawer which is made up of six or so components and move it as a cohesive unit.

Good advice, thank you