Creating a component inside a component

Hello, I’m helping a friend learn sketch for a timber frame shop. We have timber frame rubies downloaded, but he can’t seem to make a component within a component. When he sends me his file, I can create it, but it’s not working for him. I’m watching him on a screen share, and he’s doing everything correctly. It’s just not creating. Any suggestions?

It’s hard to tell with so little information. What version of SketchUp is he using? Can you share the SketchUp file that is causing him problems? What do the “timber frame rubies” have to do with it?

Thanks. He was using 2021, but he also tried in 2020. The rubies might not have anything to do with it. He creates a post, makes a component, goes inside to component, creates a joint, highlights it, asks to make it a component, but it doesn’t work. It doesn’t turn blue. Typically, after this step, I would right click the joint component and and create a joint with the rubies that will allow it to cut a timber that meets it. We can’t get that far though. I’ll try to share his file, but it works for me when he sends it??

So he’s selecting only some of the geometry within the component to make a subcomponent? Have him do it while you are watching. In the Create Component make sure the box for Replace selection with component is ticked. By default it wouldn’t be if there is connected but not selected geometry. Once it is ticked, however, SketchUp will remember that.
Screenshot - 5_25_2021 , 7_22_00 AM

By the way, if that’s the problem, there would be a component with that geometry in the In Model components. It just wouldn’t have replaced the selection.

Thank you so much!

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You’re welcome.

Was that the fix?

I’m messaging him now. I bet it is though. It makes perfect sense! I’ll let you know.

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