Problem changing values in measurements box ( How to fix?)

I am used to change values in the dimensions box. I installed SketchUp pro 2019 on my new laptop and now I do not have this function any more.
Is it possible to fix it so I can get this function on my laptop working as what I am used to?

Video link of the problem.

The first program is SketchUp Pro 2016
on my laptop SketchUp Pro 2019

Please comment if you have the solution
Thank you!

Do not mouse click in the box, just start typing the dimensions you want, both the length and width using the separator for your countries language.

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First one is Mac, it can work that way but windows never click in the box.

There’s never any reason to click in the Measurements window.

Hard to change old habits! I find it easier to click on and add one number than change everything to change the one number.

So it is not possible to get this function on my windows laptop at all?
Should be optional this click in measurements box.

No. It’s not.

Best to work on changing your habits. No need to work hard to get the dimension close anyway. Start dragging out the rectangle in the desired direction, let go of the mouse and type the actual dimensions you want. No need to add mm because that will be understood based on the units you have selected.

And if you want to keep one dimension the same, but leave the other as it is, just leave the persistent dimension out of what you typed.

So for example if you use comma as a separator, and have set a dimension of (say) 600,300 and now want to change it to 600, 400, just type ,400 before you change to another tool. Don’t click in the Measurement box first, just type.

Or if you wanted to keep the 300 dimension, and change the 600 to (say) 500 just type 500,.

If you are using the semicolon as a separator, type ; instead of ,.

And if you are using measurements with a decimal point, in regions where the decimal separator is full stop (or period, in US English), and the delimiter is comma, just type it as normal - e.g. 620.5, 300.2, or where the decimal separator is a comma, and the delimiter is semicolon then type 620,5; 300,2.

Be aware that in all but the latest one or two versions of SU, using Imperial/US Customary units when the model units are metric will give you inconsistent and often WRONG conversions.

Whoever first programmed that was having a seriously ‘off’ day.