Cannot change value in Measurements tool

When I create a square using the Rectangle tool and I want to resize the square I am not allowed to enter any values in the Dimensions/Measurement toolbar at the bottom of the page. Can anyone help?

You can only type in new sizes, e.g. 1m,1m and <enter>- immediately after clicking the second corner.
If you select another tool [like Select via <spacebar>] then the option to adjust the previous sizes is gone.
This applies to most of the geometry tools like line, circle etc…
You could of course use the Scale tool to set a precise dimension - but remember to add a units suffix - so it is 1m NOT 1 etc…


Note too that you must not click the Measurements box with your mouse. Doing that stops the operation. When the box background is white what you type directly on your keyboard will appear in the box. Terminate the data entry with the Enter key.


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Thanks guys, that helped and now I’m on my way. Feel such an idiot, doh! :slight_smile: