Measurements Box Failure

When I draw a rectangle I am unable to change the dimensions in the measure box. Immediately after drawing the rectangle I attempt to input the dimensions I want but the input is not accepted. The rectangle stays the same dimension. Is there a setting that I need to correct to make the measurement box accept changes?

Are you clicking in the Measurements box before inputting the dimensions? If so, don’t. There’s never any reason to click in the Measurements window before adding the dimensions.

Also it’s single click and release for the first corner, move the mouse in the general direction of the opposite corner with no buttons held down. You can click and release again but there’s no need. Let go of the mouse and type the dimensions. Make sure you are using the correct separator between the dimensions, too.

Thank you for the response. I wasn’t clicking in the measurement box. for whatever reason things worked themselves out and it seems to be operating as it should now.