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In the “Drawing Basic Shapes” help, an entry states “As you draw a rectangle, the Measurements box helps you model precisely as follows:”.
I don’t see a Measurements box in which to enter dimensions. I see a “Dimensions” box, but it does not accept entries. Are “Measurements” and “Dimensions” the same thing? Why doesn’t “Dimensions” accept my keyboard entries?

Yes. The label on the box changes based on the input requested. If you are using the Circle tool it will ask for the Radius. The Move tool, the Distance, etc.

Are you clicking in the window before entering the dimensions? If so, don’t. There’s never any reason to click in the window.

Note how the label for the Measurements window changes when I select the Rectangle. Also notice the cursor doesn’t go anywhere near the window when drawing out the rectangle. Pay attention to the separator between the first and second dimension. It’s a comma in my case. Use the same separator.

Got it. Thank you.

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