Dimension Box is Unresponsive

I’m brand new, and going through the tutorials. When I make a rectangle, I’m unable to type in the dimensions in the box.
The dimensions show in the box, but I can’t highlight them or delete them to change the dimensions to what I want.

just type and they change…


Don’t try to get in the box.
Start your action and let go of the mouse and type, finish with enter /return.

So start to draw a rectangle by click and release and move in the general direction you want to go, then type 50,100 and hit enter and you’ll have a rectangle that is 50 by 100 of the current model units. If you add other units it will use those.

See this tutorial…

As has been said in tools which accept a typed in value you simply make the form - line, rectangle, circle etc - and type in the require value[s].
After typing it press ‘enter’, do NOT click on the Measurements box - that will interrupt the current tool.
You can type in alternative values+enter, once you select another tool that ‘cahnagebility’ is ended.

Some tools expect a single numerical entry - e.g. line 1.23 which produces a line 1.23 units long.
Some expect two values - e.g. rectangle 1.23,3.45 which produces a rectangle using those dimensions.

When entered without a units suffix the values assume the model’s current units settings, but if you add a units suffix it changes the input to those units, ignoring the model’s current unit settings.

Note that in the examples I gave I have assumed that your decimal separator is a . [full-stop] and therefore I used a , [comma] to separate the two values expected for the rectangle multi-value input.
However, if you use a locale/computer/keyboard set up which uses the alternative system of a , [comma] for the decimal separator, then you will need to use ; [semi-colon] to separate multiple input values…
So 1.23,3.45 needs to be 1,23;3,45

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the prompt assistance!



But note: if you are using Metric units, typing a value in Imperial (foot, inch, fraction) units is badly bugged. See this thread:

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