Pro tools don't work with OSX Yosemite

When activated all tools show as the selection arrow. No tape measure icon, no move icon, none display correctly. Many of these tools do not work with the arrow. For instance the arrow obscures the distance when trying to use tape measure.What is going on?

Note: what you list are basic tools, not Pro. I assume you mean cursor, not toolbar icon. Is this all the time, or just sometimes? If you click in the view and hit the shortcut for select tool (default is spacebar) then reselect another tool, does the problem go away? I’ve seen some fringe cases in which Yosemite and now El Capitan seem to forget to load a cursor. Another possibility is that your installation of the app has somehow gotten mangled. You could try reinstalling to address that.

it sounds like you might be running from the instal volume…

have you actually installed SU into Applications and ejected the instal volume?


Yes when I hit the space bar to call up the select tool and then click on one of the tools, the tools in the large tool set display correctly for a second, but then disappear to be replaced with the arrow.

If I choose one out of the drop down tools menu at the top of the page the same thing happens.

I will try reinstalling, but will I have to reinstall all my extensions?