Pro Support?

Although I have the yearly PRO maintenance that includes phone support, I can’t find a phone number anywhere. Does anyone have it?
I send mail through the site but never receive a confirmation of sending. This doesn’t seem like much support for $120/yr.

While you are looking for the number you could ask your question here and see if any of us simple users might stumble across the answer.

Contact Links for Support

In lieu of phone numbers you could start with the links shown above.

Well, every year I get a notice to renew my PRO maintenance license. And every year - including today - I process that online (following link from the notifying email). I go through the payment page putting the renewal on my credit card and then get sent a message that the order could not be processed, but my credit card has been charged.
So I was hoping to actually speak with someone about this.

OK - found a number and got it sorted out.
Thanks for the suggestions.

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