Maintenance & Support Renewal Process Problem

Each of us is being impacted by the pandemic and the responses to it in many different ways. With patience and understanding about mundane issues like the one I’ve written below, I wish us all good health, prosperity, and a sooner-than-later return to normalcy.

I attempted to renew annual maintenance & support for my 2020 Pro classic license on 03/19/2020. I entered my serial number and email at License Manager | SketchUp, successfully looked up my license information, clicked the Renew Support button, filled out all the requested information on subsequent screens, including logging into my Trimble account, checked the “I agree…” checkbox, and clicked the final “complete purchase” button.

I did not land on a purchase confirmation screen, nor did I receive a confirmation email, but instead was taken to this screen:

Note the “1 item in my cart” circled in blue. The annual maintenance & support renewal item was still in my cart.

Instead of attempting to process the purchase from my cart again, I entered Support Request 10319648 and received an automated confirmation email from SketchUp Support. No response yet, which is understandable in light of the current situation.

I went back to sleep until this morning, 03/22/2020, when I received a SketchUp Maintenance & Support Expiring Notification email telling me that my support agreement will expire in six days.

I (foolishly?) followed the renewal link in the email, completed all the same steps as I listed above, and got the exact same “Buy SketchUp Pro” screen and again, no confirmation email.

Then I checked my credit card account online, which I should have done after my first seemingly failed attempt, and I now have two charges from Trimble, each for $120 plus tax, pending. (I am noting the “pending” status of both of these charges, and wondering if the whole issue might be with my (major and well-recognized) credit card processor and not with SketchUp / Trimble.)

Bottom line:

  • I think the online ordering process that results in a “Buy SketchUp Pro” screen instead of a purchase confirmation screen is flawed and needs to be addressed.

  • I’m going to need assistance completing my initial order for annual maintenance & support renewal and for crediting back my second purchase / charge for the same.

Thanks for the detailed report. I’ve seen a couple of other similar reports. What I’ve told those other people is that hopefully the charge you may see is just a hold for the patient, and it won’t actually go through if the transaction failed. You can check if that is the case.

The other thing I’ve said is to call sales, and do the renewal over the phone:

303-546-1100, option 1 - Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Mountain Time).

You do already have a 2020 license which you are using, and with your renewal date being a week away there is time to sort this out.

We’re encouraged not to work at weekends, even if things were normal. I’m something of an exception in that I’m also a Sage in the forum, so I am often aware of issues before my colleagues. In the morning I will bring up the fact that at least three people have had issues while renewing.

Thank you for the quick response, @colin. I appreciate you doing double duty and providing a bridge between the SketchUp Team and the users in this forum.

I will keep an eye on the pending charges in my credit card account and look for a response from Support over the next few days. If I am not mistaken, there is also a 30-day grace period for renewing maintenance & support after my actual expiration date.

Thanks, too, for suggesting the option of doing the renewal via phone. I will do that if the online process continues to be dodgy.

Here’s a brief update; the online renewal process problem seems to be resolved.

  • I heard back from Support on my Support Request about a week ago. At that time, they told me that the problem appeared to be with my credir card company.

  • My two failed renewal attempt charges finally dropped off the Pending list on my credit card.

  • I received the following email yesterday (3/30), which indicates that a Google Chrome update was actually the culprit …

I went back to the License Manager this morning, followed the online Maintenance & Support renewal process and immediately received confirmation emails that my annual Maintenance & Support agreement had been successfully renewed.