Problem trying to renew license

Hello ,

I tried to renew my license using the current action you had.
Uppon trying to complete the order. the wizard gets stuck on the last item. telling me I should fill in all the information and clearing my bankcard information. I tried this multiple times and now it seems that for each of those tries the amount has been reserved on my Mastercard. I already send a mail and got a request number but haven’t heard anything yet (also checked spam). How can I get this fixed so that I’m not charged 6 times ,but only once and also get my license as the process seems to fail on that step.

Thanks in advance

I can see your request in the support system, and a colleague may reply later on. But, I asked for an opinion from others anyway, and if you are able to buy through a reseller, that should work without any problems. The holds on the credit card will clear themselves over time.

My colleague may reply with other ideas, but see if what I’m suggesting can work for you.