issue after license renewal


I updated my payment details to renew my pro license.

I try to sign in and SU keeps bringing me back to to sign in screen, although it states I’m signed in.

Would anyone have a fix for this?

I need to finish 2 projects for a customer.


If you open an incognito tab in your browser, and try to log in on the top right of, does that work?
You can also go to your account portal (My subscription)
Do you see the plan there?


Thanks for the info…did that.

Says expired although my payment details are up to date. Credit Card Update notices were going to spam folder so didn’t see that I needed to update credit card.

Is there not an automated payment update on plans? Or do we have to wait until Tuesday to update by a staff member?

Ai, that is a bummer! I am not sure about the office hours, maybe @colin knows…

I can see that your credit card has been declining the subscription renewal. From what I’ve been told, it tries five times, then gives up, and it looks like it has tried three times so far.

If you choose Billing Information on the account management page you should be able to edit your credit card details.

But, there is an opportunity to save $50. If you leave your account details as they are, so that the existing subscription expires completely (which it may have done already, because there is only a five day period where you can fix the payment details), buy a new subscription with new credit card details, and use a promo code of GOODWILLPRO, you would have a fresh 12 month subscription for $249.

If something goes horribly wrong and the old subscription suddenly fixes itself, we can refund the extra payment you ended up making.

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Thanks Colin! Will do.