I need help renewing my subscription

My Sketchup Pro subscription says that it will expire tomorrow and when I go to my Trimble account it says that the payment has been declined so I checked all the card info and my bank account and everything looks to be in order and I don’t know what else to do. I don’t know if letting it expire and buying a new subscription will complicate things or mess up my current work so it’s really stressing me out…any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT would @colin be able to help me with this?

It so happens I can help. I was already checking into it before you tagged me!

On our side the failure shows as insufficient funds. I don’t know why that would be, but it does at least suggest that you were using the right credit card details.

Renewing the subscription at the last second doesn’t have any real advantage over starting a new subscription. If you had it on auto renew, and had payment problems, that would have complicated things. But as you didn’t have it on auto renew, you could let this one expire, and start a new subscription tomorrow. When you do that you would have a chance to see that the card you use succeeds.

Thank you @colin, you’re such a blessing to this community!

I thought I was on auto renew since it shows payments have been declined…I did make changes to my credit card awhile back anticipating the payment, my expiry date had changed but nothing else. So there’s no way of retrying the transaction prior to it expiring? Would I have to wait until it actually expires tomorrow before being able to use it as to not incur any glitches when it does actually expire?

I’m not in sales, and I’m not sure how you would ask for the current transaction to be fixed. In our system I can see the difference between something that is on auto renew and something that isn’t, and it looks like your subscription isn’t on auto renew.

What you could do is use SketchUp until it tells you that you’re not subscribed, then get the new subscription. If there is any hold up in the payment going through you could us it in trial mode, which would give you 7 days to sort out the payment issue.

It does look like today is the last day for the current subscription, so you could intentionally sign out and in again tomorrow, when you have enough spare time to get the new subscription. Having two subscriptions at the same time, of the same type, for the same person, can have its own difficulties, so it’s best to be sure the old one is expired before getting the new one.

I guess too if I can’t get it to renew I will lose all my extensions?? eek :fearful:…would you know how to connect me with a sales person that maybe could activate my auto renew before it actually expires? I’m so grateful for your patience and help, thanks again @colin

No. When your subscription expires, SketchUp will refuse to run, telling you why. But nothing on your computer will have been deleted. If you get a new subscription SketchUp will start working again.

Thank you @slbaumgartner, so I would still have to reinstall my saved rbz files right?

Again, no. All your installed extensions will still be in the Plugins folder, ready to use. The only way you will lose them is if you install a different version of SketchUp. Each version keeps its own set of extensions and shortcuts.

I did check with Sales, and it seems there is a period beyond when the subscription ends when you still get a chance to try the payment again.

Check with your bank why we would have seen a funds error, or try a different way of paying. As I understand it you should be able to keep using SketchUp for the next several days while the payment gets sorted out.

@colin…it would be so great if they could take the payment out right now, I do not have other payment options and I have double checked my bank and card today and all is confirmed, money is there and the card is all up to date.

If the first payment was done from our end, another few attempts will be made. Which means you could do nothing for the moment, and then contact support on Monday if the payment still hasn’t been taken.

That sounds reasonable to me @colin, so if I do need support Monday, do I come back here?

The forum is users helping each other, and not the official support page. This would be a good starting point:


Ok, thanks @colin, you’ve been super helpful!!