PRO 2023 new Toolbar Icons

Have been using sketch up for many years and most recently PRO 2021. Recently upgraded to PRO 2023 thinking there may be improvements or new features. Was disappointed to see the toolbar icons have been stripped down to graphics much less intuitive than the original. The new icons do not provide any enhancement or added functionality so what was the point?? Just more new stuff to learn and adjust to - with no added benefit!! At the very, least longtime users should be given the option of retaining the original icons. If there is added function or refinement, would someone please share? Thanks

Read the release notes for both SketchUp 2022 versions as well as 2023 versions at There are quite a few changes since SketchUp 2021.

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The new toolbar icons and menu design in '23 are seriously annoying and hard to interpret. Changing them was a very misguided attempt to ‘spice up’ something that was actually working.

Also the basic copy function using the control key does not work on my iteration of sketchup '23 at all.

These things have already been mentioned.

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What do you mean by the “basic copy function using the control key”? Are you referring to the Copy function of the Move tool? If so, it does work. Get the Move tool, tap and release Ctrl once to get the Copy function.