New Sketchup 2023

I think the latest version of Sketchup 2023 is awful. I don’t like the icons they really are hard to use as they all look the same. I also cant copy anything from one file to another as I could before. I have reverted back to 2022!!!


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Is this supposed to be of interest to other users? It is a matter of taste.

It is a known issue with many posts already in the forum. The developers have promised a fix. Workaround: when copying from file #1 to file #2 go to #2 first and select something and “ctrl-c”. Then proceed as usual. This activates the clipboard for that instance of SketchUp.

It is of interest as it has affected my efficiency and is in my opinion a retro grade step to what is a great software.

they dont all look the same. The move tool for instance, looks like a move tool. the color scheme is cleaned up, which in my book makes it look more professional.

Don’t worry @simes, it is in interest to some of us. The new icons have their pros and cons. Unfortunately we’re pretty much in the “deal with it” phase, so don’t expect any changes.

Do they look professional? Sure! But… they’re smaller, and the light blue on the light gray background is a bad mix. They’re much harder on the eyes.

The previous icons were larger (both in pixel width and height, as well as some being designed to look large) and some of the icons were more colorful, like a pink eraser or the RGB Orbit tool representing x, y and z.

Some of the icons look pretty much the same outside of scale so there’s not much difference in that regard, just harder to see.

Professional does not necessarily translate to functional, but ultimately it’s a matter of opinion and one’s tastes.

At least make the icons for “use large icons” actually large. :frowning:

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it’s not a matter of taste and your remark is make sense.
The new icons are monotonous, ordinary and less readable than before, without being at the level of fashionable “flat icons”. Above all, it is an additional loss of what made SketchUp’s identity.
It was probably to get closer to the iPad version and the ugly web apps. That said, don’t get too used to the new icons, they will be redrawn again in a while, since this is not the first time they have been. It gives a feeling of novelty.

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yeah, I remember the last time, 2013 ? or was it 2014 ?

Don’t get used to the new icons, they might change in the next 10 years :wink: