2023 update disaster

  1. with the update of the icon tools, many of the points that actually select, do not align with the tool or the crosshair of the tool, and popup notes interfere while using the tool by blocking.
  2. it is almost impossible to see the active tab. How about blue like active tools?
  3. Please fix icon and dialog box sizing as it is impossible to see on my laptop and second monitor as one is huge the other tiny. Yes, I have spent weeks reading and adjusting everything.
  4. Updates wipe out all settings materials and styles. Please fix so updated bring EVERYTHING OVER.
  5. Sadly, after many years, I will abandon SketchUp if it continues its painful and slow decline into a useless architectural/design tool. The cost to benefit is so far off
  6. I can no longer export my model to an image if it has photos or transparent hatches. Having to go into layout for quick check images is a time kill.
  7. I can no longer select an object and change its layer by the toolbar. I have to find the entity tray and …boring.
  8. why do I not get rendering tools with Pro when I pay more per seat than Studio? As an independent operator, I just feel ripped off.

Are you still using Windows 8.1 and an Intel HD 4000 GPU like your profile says?

Studio is always more expensive. Have you got confused?