Why is SketchUp so buggy?


Hi, I hope and pray that all of you are doing great. I am facing several problems regarding my SketchUp programme. Firstly My selection tool was not working fine, it was laggy and took alot of time during selection or deselection of objects in my model. My graphics driver was updated at that time but to fix the problem I reinstall it, but it didn’t work. After that, I uninstall a lot of useful windows updates which were listed in this community which made my windows working unstable. Now another problem has taken place, My SketchUp say " Not responding"every time when i open it for about 2-3 minutes and it also happens during the modeling and rendering process.One of my model in also not being able to render, the render process stuck at 0% building light cache in Vray 3.40. Most of my work get late due to these problems in SketchUp and client are waiting for the project to get it done, I think I made the worst decision by shifting by shifting from Autocad to SketchUP and spending my money on it. Its very frustrating for me.



You have a lot of stuff going on all at once. In general, I think the best approach to troubleshooting is to simplify things and deal with them one at a time in an isolated and simple way… then as potential problems get ruled out… you can add complexity back in a little at a time until you find where the breaking point is located.

RE: Hardware:

Your profile says you’re using an intel graphics card… That’s not the typical choice of graphics cards being used by those who want to work with Rendering software (or CAD for that matter).

RE: Software:

In addition to graphics card drivers, and OS updates,… you also have to check for incompatibility with SU extensions.

So what I’m driving at is this…

For the time being… I’d take the VRay Extension out of play and disable it… And see what happens with just SU and the graphics card driver you have installed.

  • Does this combination end up fixing the selection tool performance lag?
  • Are there settings available in graphics drivers which can help things out?

Ideally, it would be good to disable all of the extensions so you can get a pure sense of what SU is doing (without external influences).

I don’t know what your graphics card is capable of,… you may be able to get by with some stuff… but it’s obviously not going to matchup with a higher quality card. so running SketchUp on it own may work fine… but the additional rendering won’t.

If you find that Vray is at fault here… then maybe a previous version might work… or perhaps a different rendering option with lower requirements might be available.

This is all one big argument for building up a foundation, testing it, and then adding on additional levels as you can.

Hardware specs will ultimately dictate what your machine is capable of.


JimD, thank you for your reply. I uninstall and reinstall SketchUp in order to get rid of all the extensions. But still my selection tool lags for about 5 seconds and during modelling about every 4-5 minutes SketchUp hangs and say " Not responding" and then start working. It is very frustrating for me.


uninstalling and reinstalling won’t get rid of the extensions. You need to either uninstall them or manually delete the folder.

When you install SketchUp, are you right clicking on the installer exe file and selecting Run as administrator?

Have you tried updating the drivers for your graphics card?


A good reason to maintain system restore points

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Yes my graphics card drivers are updated,And I uninstall all the drivers manually but I am not sure about Run as administrator during the installation process.


Occasionally I get selection tool lag, but it works again after I restart the program.




These are installed windows updates on my PC and my graphics driver is also updated, Still having problem. Please help me.



Please follow the steps in the thread below when installing SketchUp.


I reinstall it as an administrator but still having the same problem. Any other fix?



Is your computer a Desktop, or a Laptop? (… If you have a make and model number I’d like to see it for research reasons).

Also, can you provide a screen capture of the Properties Window of the Graphics Card… Something that shows what the actual driver version number is?

… I think you can get this info by right clicking on it within the Device Manager Window.

I haven’t been on a Windows system since the days of Windows 7… and I know a lot of the menu systems changed a little bit. So I’m sorry for not having more specific steps for you.



I have a laptop and I have updated graphic driver from intel official website this morning. I think there might be problem with windows updates. But I am not sure.



That’s a possibility… you could test that out by uninstalling recent updates. and testing SketchUp again each time you made a rollback.

BUT, I’d hold of on that for a little bit because maybe someone has some info re: known problems with specific update versions.

If you want to experiment you could try installing a different version of SketchUp. You can run them side by side with no problems… so there is no need to uninstall the SU version you already have.

The worst thing you’d have to deal with is keeping track of which version you run—but that’s rather trivial… and you may discover that one of the others works a little better ??

Version 2017 came with an major update in the graphics handling… 2018 may have refined that some (I haven’t really checked into that yet)… and of course 2016 would have been the previous model requiring slightly less from the computer hardware specs I would think.

Also, We don’t have any sense of past performance:

Was there ever a time when you had SketchUp running well on your computer?
or, Is this a new install that’s never really worked well?


There is always Up and down, Sometime it get fixed by removing some updates and uninstalling and reinstalling graphic drivers and after 2-3 days again problems occur. I want a permanent fix that is why I posted here. I now uninstall the windows update Kb4230204 Kb4340917 but still having problem. The problem is I am not able to find the update which is creating this problme. and uninstalling addition update makes my windows unstable.


I see your new post asking about SU 2016 and VRay compatibility.

As far as this thread goes… Does that mean that you’ve installed SU 2016, and it’s working well?


If you want a permanent fix, you must consider meeting the minimum hardware requirements for SketchUp 2017 to run smoothly.
Or upgrade to SketchUp 2018, which has a patch for flaky systems.