Bring back the old icons in PRO

The new icons suck. They are difficult to see and difficult to use. They are unintelligible. If something isn’t broken, don’t fix it! At the least, allow us to revert to the old icons rather than use these stupid ones.

This change seems to be a part of your ongoing effort to make Sketchup less and less user friendly. If that was your goal, you succeeded.


That’s just your opinion, with me it’s not too good, but not bad. At least, a familiar software with old man like us need a leap (included new features and UI) for the next generation of users.

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Being given a choice of UI styles in SU would also be a great idea, thus eliminating the complaints over new vs old icons and such. I would tend to agree that the new icons are more difficult to differentiate in the menus, especially ones such as the icons for solid tools (my experience only). I find myself doing more ‘hovering’ over icons in that regard than before. Sure, it’s an aesthetics issue, but at least provide the user with a choice of ‘looks’ would carry a lot more weight, rather than them forcing the new look on the user.


That is not just his opinion since the new icons all look the same. It is not an improvement at all. Just because it is new it is not better. This is not a leap forward, it is backward. Ask for more, you are paying for it.


If you don’t like a comment, hide it. Your arrogance has no upper bound. It’s been weeks since I filed this, and the only response was to hide it.


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I flagged as spam it because it was a 10 line paragraphe all in bold red

like this

the user has been notified and is then invited to edit their message.
Essentially, by removing the dash they put at the end, making everything bold and red.
I don’t think they will.

you don’t seem to realise the amount of spam, ads, chatgpt stuff that get posted and removed through flagging every day. We don’t go around flagging messages we disagree with, or this forum would be empty, since nobody seems to consensus on anything.

you can’t hide an individual comment. you can hide an account, I’m about to hide yours. But this is not about being offended by their message, I couldn’t care less. It’s about forum etiquette.
there are 3 levels of message :

one written like this


and that.

yes. we got it the first time.


I thought the text was Red to highlight it too me as posted. well it was my first post, perhaps now this is my last.

Edit your original post so it’s not ‘shouty’, ‘red’ and says something useful.
And it’ll probably get reinstated…
Just make it look like any other post.

Just your opinion about the new icons. Not worth flagging

Somewhere in your post you called people idiots. My reason to flag your post.

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Just my opinion? You’ve never heard that before? Come on! More arrogance. I’ve been using Sketchup since Google first released it. It was wonderful in its features and simplicity. It is more powerful but these icons are really annoying for veteran users who do know better. j

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I’ve been using sketchup for decades too and my opinion is that the new icons are an improvement. So now it is JUST opinion. Because yours has equal weight as mine, and I’m certainly not alone. Cheers.


Easy for you to tell me to fix my post. No, leave it down. I’m through with Sketchup, I think. From changing things that work fine, like the icons, to real arrogance from people who defend the changes rather than consider them, there are other ways to accomplish what I need. I’ve beeb a Sketchup user since it was first released by Google. It was a simple but elegant tool, with some real labor saving features. But now it’s cumbersome at best. But when the icons were changed, that was it for me. Others, as well, although from what I’ve heard as feedback, just a few others seem to think so. Odd.


Google was not the first. I have used SketchUp since it was an @Last product, before Google.
I am 69 but still able to learn new things so I have no issue with the icons. For the most frequent functions I use keyboard shortcuts anyway


edit it and delete the “-” you placed after the text

here is a preview of the problem :

Capture d’écran 2024-03-15 à 22.54.57

Capture d’écran 2024-03-15 à 22.55.30

go find the introduction thread, say Hi properly (introduce yourself), and start interacting. show stuff you made, have open discussions.

I understand the forum is a place many people join because they have a problem or they are angry at something, but for many of us it’s more than that, and you’re welcome to contribute beyond your initial needs :slight_smile:



You are replying to a post that wasn’t directed at you ! It was for ‘ac-counts’.

I do share much of your frustration and concern - new isn’t always better, as many of us agree…

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Ofcourse I’ve heard these opinions before. Maybe not in these strong wordings.
Your opinion is just about icons. Contrary to what @ac-counts did in his post, calling people idiots, something quite different. The reason (for me and others) to flag his post.
Like you I’m sort of a veteran in using SketchUp, from SketchUp 5 up.

I think he was calling the SketchUp team idiots, not everybody. That isn’t to say we have an exclusive on being idiots, I’m sure other people can be as well.


i gave up on that right a long time ago.

(I think I knew exactly who he meant)

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OK, with sincere apologies to everyone for the strong language. Just for everyone’s information, I’d tried to express my concerns regarding the icons to support and never got a response. Then again nicely on the forum…same result, or lack thereof. Then, with this post, quite a while ago. Again nothing…until now, where most of the reaction is about the strong language, less about the icons. This is why I rarely have posted comments in forums and why I will not likely do so again.

Y’all can live with the icons. Sketchup used to be my “go-to” tool for a quick layout, design or rendering. Now, with my eyesight, it’s difficult to tell some of them from others and I find I just don’t use it so much anymore.

I’m sure they had their reasons for changing them and a simple explanation would have sufficed. But, nothing. Not the first time I’ve been ignored by Trimble, just another time.

So, for now, I’m signed out of all things Sketchup.

so any typos are due
to large fingers & small keys.

Some of the other comments and flagging weren’t to do with your posts. Please stick around and say what you feel.