Bring back the old icons in PRO

The new icons suck. They are difficult to see and difficult to use. They are unintelligible. If something isn’t broken, don’t fix it! At the least, allow us to revert to the old icons rather than use these stupid ones.

This change seems to be a part of your ongoing effort to make Sketchup less and less user friendly. If that was your goal, you succeeded.


That’s just your opinion, with me it’s not too good, but not bad. At least, a familiar software with old man like us need a leap (included new features and UI) for the next generation of users.

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Being given a choice of UI styles in SU would also be a great idea, thus eliminating the complaints over new vs old icons and such. I would tend to agree that the new icons are more difficult to differentiate in the menus, especially ones such as the icons for solid tools (my experience only). I find myself doing more ‘hovering’ over icons in that regard than before. Sure, it’s an aesthetics issue, but at least provide the user with a choice of ‘looks’ would carry a lot more weight, rather than them forcing the new look on the user.

That is not just his opinion since the new icons all look the same. It is not an improvement at all. Just because it is new it is not better. This is not a leap forward, it is backward. Ask for more, you are paying for it.