Can I use the old icons from sketchup 8 in 14?


I really don’t like the new icons ( orbit, pan, etc.) I much prefer the ones I have used for years on su 8. Is there an option or way to use the old icons in 14?



It would probably be easier to hypnotize you into thinking you’re using the old-style icons.



Gee thanks. I am surprised they don’t have that option - I think the old icons look a lot better. Plus I’ve been looking at them for years. They are burned into my ram. I keep finding myself looking for an old icon when the new one is right in front of me. Sigh. G


I am rather immune to icon changes as I use shortcut keys for the most frequent functions. I use only the mouse wheel for zooming and orbiting.



I also thought that way initially. And I politicized for an option to choose, but they said that something like, “the icons are tied to brand identity” and with the switch to Trimble ownership, they wanted to go it a new direction and try to make the SketchUp interface look more like Layout. (paraphrasing there.)

Since these ‘new’ icons have been around 4 or more years, and 3 (and going on more major versions,) they are not really new anymore.

Almost everything about v8 has been left in the dust. Because of it’s icons, it’s old Ruby 1.8, it’s manual only plugin install feature, it’s old clunky toolbar interface, and all the bugs that have been fixed since, etc., it is really time to forget about version 8. (I myself will no longer be testing plugins, nor writing them to run under v8 nor v2013.)


You’ll get used to them…


I was afraid of that when I wrote my post. Hey everybody! We’re different!! Better! or whatever!

Thanks. I’ll buy a book on self hypnotism…I’m getting sleepy sleepy, sleepy repeat after me -old icons bad new icons good.



If you’re looking for a recommendation, how about my own “Self-Hypnotism for the Great Unwashed,” on which I can make you a terrific bargain on an opened case?



Print out this Cheatsheet for SketchUp 2014 and paste it up on the wall over your monitor in plain view. The more you see the new icons, the more familiar they will be.

For quick reference cards for other SketchUp versions, Layout or cards for the Mac, go thru the following page, selecting the correct SketchUp version (red drop-down list at the top-right) and your platform also indicating SketchUp or Layout (links at the bottom of the page.)


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