Toolbar Icons in SketchUp 2015



Hello everyone. I have sketchup 15 but have still been using sketchup 8. It is for a stupid reason. I prefer the look of the toolbar in sketchup 8. Perhaps i am just used to 8’s version, but generally i feel like the toolbar in 15 is sterile and boring which makes me want to use it less. But i am realizing more and more that i need to make the switch.

So the question is, is there anyway to get the look of the old toolbar in 15? Or do i just have to get used to it?


What you are saying is remarkably similar to people’s reaction when those first newfangled push button phones were introduced.



I’m not here to argue about taste but it made me curious to go back to SU8 and put its toolbar side by side with SU2016 just to try and spot what could possibly make it seems sterile and boring. I couldn’t.

SketchUp 8 Toolbar:

SketchUp 2016 Toolbar:


I understand that the new icons in SketchUp 2016 are based on vector files while the older ones were raster images. The new sustem allows the UI to be scaled on ultra-hi-res monitors.



It’s not a problem to me, but the old icons had effects such as shadows that made them look 3D. The 2016 ones are flatter looking.


If anything, you could capture the icons from a SU8 screenshot (or maybe they exist somewhere in the filesystem?) and recreates your own custom SU8-looking toolbar with this extension.

It’s just a lot of work. Getting used to the new ones is probably less work. :slight_smile:


there’s a high res set out there as well…