SketchUp Tool Icons

I recently started using SketchUp 2023 and the toolbar icons look different than the ones in the version I was using before, I believe it was SketchUp 2022. The tool icons in the previous versions were different colors, now all the tool icons are red, blue, and white.

Sketchup 2022 Toolbar Icons:

Is there any way for me to switch back to the 2022 icons? I find them more visually appealing and easier to look at, it can take a while to find specific tools when they are all the same color.

(Sorry, I wasn’t able to put an example of the 2023 toolbar as I can only put one media embed in the post.)

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No. That’s “the new, improved” way. Nothing you can do about it. It has been discussed - at length - here… :slight_smile:

Seems like they should’ve changed it back, there are a lot of people that were unhappy with it. I feel like it makes it harder to quickly identify tools when you are just starting, and I dislike the lack of color. Thanks for letting me know though.


there are more than 20 million sketchup users.
there are a dozen threads on the forum with maybe 50-100 people maximum complaining.

there aren’t a lot of people unhappy with it. I mean, there were way more people unhappy about the framework change early this year and all the windows bug that came with it. Way more, and still some today.

I can’t wait for Apple’s new phase where they will stop minimalism and rollback colourful things, so that within 2 years, the WHOLE tech industry will do the same. Skeuomorphism was kitsch, but it worked.

Plus those who don’t say they don’t like the new icons but they don’t like the new icons. :wink:


Versus all those who don’t say they dislike the new icons but they don’t dislike the new icons, you know :stuck_out_tongue:
I was surprised how outside of the forum, most SU users I know didn’t care. New users I train, sure, but some that use both web or ipad and pro were actually glad.

I… got used to it.

Now I hope for adjustments like contrast and size, but I don’t expect a full rollback on this.

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The old icons versus the new ones is like comparing a Krenovian piece to something similar that IKEA would produce if they ever attempted it !

I’m curious, will the icons be redesigned for sketchup 2024? maybe they could get to a middle point between the old icons and the new ones.
I’m not a big fan of the new icons either, the design doesn’t bother me as much as it does to other users, but the design language of all the plug-ins was based on the old icons, now there are two kinds of design, I don’t like that.

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Personally I just don’t like the current trend:

  • washed out (they say natural) colours,
  • darker grey text (darkish colour) on a light grey background,
  • meaningless and indistinguishable icons: image image

But my “favourite nonsense” is this goat: image


I rest my case…


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… why would they ? they just achieved a multi-year iconography transition. Now they have to work on dark/light UI, finally (I hope) merging PC and Mac interface with QT, plus a big task, letting go of openGL, finding a new silhouette for 24… busy busy.

neither do I. I was articulate about it before it landed (because I knew it was coming, web, then ipad, pro was obviously next). I’ve had issues with the redesign since the software icons (like you mention). They became, as you say, indistinguishable. This is google suite level of unreadable.

But I know that hoping they’ll go back to what they were is like hoping the climate collapse will stop by itself. It’s not gonna happen, and it’s been decided by a committee somewhere up high and years ago.
Best we can do is adapt. So I’m adapting.

you have weird goats in your country. :clown_face:

as a french millenial, the icon is weirdly ok : back in the late 90’s / early 2000, one of the main search engine we had here was Lycos.
and in the tv ads, it was a dog, with the ad saying “Lycos, go search”.
so yeah, a tool to search other tools shaped as a dog is… yeah, I get that one :slight_smile:

Since it seems the icons are here to stay, Is there any way to get the old icons in SketchUp to match the new?

If by old ones you mean your extensions icons, you’ll have to contact the different authors of the extensions…
Maybe some of them will update their extensions with new icons but don’t get your hopes up…

Edit: maybe there is a way to do it yourself, but then you would have to make the new icons yourself…

Kind of coldish feel or maybe the subzero temperatures are effecting my feelings :cold_face:

Did you mean my reaction?
Some extensions are not actively maintained, so highly unlikely that they’ll get new icons.
That’s what I meant…

No. The colour.

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Has anyone created a good cheat sheet with the old icons next to the new once?

Thanks Tobias. Really nice idea from you … i cant wait to see your work on this (lol) :wink: