New Sketchup Logo Color: why changing to blue?

hi all.

Am I the only one that is annoyed by the new color of the Sketchup icon/logo?

I realized that I was used to the red color to help identify Sketchup in my Windows launchbar.
Now that it’s become blue, I often mistake sketchup with the other ‘blue apps’ , like Lumion, Thunderbird, Photoshop, Desktop, etc.

I think that the previous icon was much more readible in a small icon format.

May I therefore ask if in the next version, the user will be able to choose between the new and old logo when installing Sketchup? or propose the new logo in red version?

Thanks in advance… :wink:

Kind of late to the party. This was discussed ad nauseum when 2021 was initially released.

It’s Trimble’s branding to tie their products together. For me it’s nothing to lose any sleep over.

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Ah sorry.
I did a search but didn’t found anything … sorry.
I tend to use the bought software only after months to be sure that the bugs are fixed.
I never installed 2019 even if I bought it, for example… silly me, I only installed 2021 recently…

We all got together and voted… where were you?

Just kidding, the logo / branding change was a corporate decision made by Trimble, it is unlikely to change or be allowed to be altered by users. You’ll get used to it.

At least it’s still unique and can’t be easily confused with other icons, like photoshop, lumion or finder, which could never be confused with it because they look nothing alike in any way. Also, it has no impact on the software so really it doesn’t make any difference. And finally, it’s a design system that unifies their software suite and looks good.

I often hit Lumion or Photoshop icons by mistake and as these monsters take several minutes to open, I spend my time hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del to kill them.
Now with this discussion, I decided to change the shortcut icon of SU 2021 with the old one (via the shortcut properties option) and voilà. problem solved. :smiley:

It sure isn’t a problem for some people, but it did bother me since I’m used to the red icon for ages (since v2.1 SU icon was RED for me… difficult to swap cheese position once you’re old :D)…